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The · See · of · Logos

Cool art, warm art, consumerist art, art that can't be consumed. Divination as an art.

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I have a feeling that this "community" is rapidly becoming a repository for my own ideas on this project. A way of recording things that come along and impact on my opinion. This feels a little lonely - Alex is noticably missing though I may try to record some of what he has to say (and some time he may post himself - unlikely but possible).

So - I amaze myself by posting an article by John Thackera (whose commentary I don't always like - though incidentally - yes, I'm rambling - he has a very likeable and active wife who unfortunately writes less)

Anyway, here it is. Personally, I wouldn't bother to read to the end. He suddenly gets very "oh I'm supposed to be writing about communication technologies" and it veers off to be quite dull and predictable. But the first pages are angry and interesting:


At least someone else is bored and fed up with all this dull, sad, elitest churned-out hipness. Oh God, Prada stores. One day I will write about the hideous wave of Prada that swept over Ireland.

The reason I write this here is that at the outset I want to say that I see See of Logos as a very "uncool" project. I mean this as a complete compliment.
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