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The See of Logos

100% guaranteed oracle - no kidding

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The See of Logos is a collaborative Oracle, anti-Oracle, or uber-Oracle. It's also an Oracle with 100% guaranteed accuracy, though it offers no returns or refunds of your future and takes absolutely no responsibility for what happens next.

It's the concept of Rachel Pollack (http://www.rachelpollack.com) who has also written the words. baba studio (Karen Mahony and Alex Ukolov) are doing the pictures, packaging, production and publishing - and anything else we can think of that starts with a "p".

The project is a curious and queer one, and seems to deserve some record of trace of the process. So we have started this community.

You are welcome to join in or just watch. Later, you may also like to ask the Oracle questions, although if the reply surprises or shocks you, remember also never to forget to laugh or breathe.

By the way, we of course asked the See about this blog and it said:

"Tiny cities will grow in your palms, and the soles of your feet, and behind your knees."

100% guaranteed. We'll let you know.