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Here, at long last (I can't believe it's more than a year since we…

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Here, at long last (I can't believe it's more than a year since we began using the puppets) are some cards.
They are nearly final, but I think perhaps will be adjusted a little more in places.

I know that See got some mentions at the Reader's Studio in New York recently, so I'll also fish out the links to some blogs on that. Very interesting to read about it from another perspective.

I've also given the prophecy that goes with each card. Rachel guarantees that these prophecies are 100% accurate. This may be oracle deck as you've never known it...


4. You will become part of a trapeze team, the Flying Perfectionists. Every night, as you and your partner glide up the hoist to your platform, as you smile and wave to the crowd, you will whisper through your teeth “Tonight’s it, you know. The night you drop me. The night you forget to put sawdust on your hands and I slide right through your sweaty palms.” And then later, after the performance and the circus have ended, you will cry on your knees, and whisper to him, “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. Do you still love me?”


14. Your body is an engine of prophecy. Thousands of years old, you were constructed by a team of seers and alchemists. Every hair, every fold of skin, every bend of your joints, they all symbolize hermetic wisdom of future events. All the people you know—your parents, your teachers, even your childhood friends, are all magicians who have come to study you, your gestures, the length of your fingernails, the fall of your hair, as they search for clues to God’s messages on how to find a path through this blindly terrifying world.

(head-dress still needs some work in my opinion, but that will be quick.)

15. The Goddess Isis will put you on her email list. 75-100 emails a day will fill your inbox. They will include stories about the Night Sky, travel tips from Anubis, Nepthys’s recipes for turning mud into cake, and advice columns from Thoth, inventor of writing, mummification, magic, and Tarot cards. Once a week, Isis herself will issue progress reports as she searches the world for her husband Osiris’s missing penis.
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On May 4th, 2006 12:32 pm (UTC), evesheridan commented:
These are amazing! I've never seen such three-dimensional images... I want to touch the textures! [sorry... a bit effusive, but the effects are really amazing]
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On May 4th, 2006 12:35 pm (UTC), evesheridan replied:
As for being 100% accurate, I can confirm that number 14. is indeed me!
[Am I being irreverent?]
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On May 4th, 2006 12:57 pm (UTC), baba_studio replied:
No, it's impossible to be too irreverant with this deck. It positively provokes irreverance (and yes, I am still dreading the cards where we have to show someone's girlfriend making love to God, and - different card, which is a small crumb of comfort - Jesus doing the dishes.)

Are you really 14? Should we talk about this?
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