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ROUGH sketches only, please don't use or copy without asking us as…

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ROUGH sketches only, please don't use or copy without asking us as they aren't at the stage where we'd show them widely.

This has turned out to be a hard project - but one that we feel is stretching us in a good way.
We have quite a lot of sketches, but nothing that we're really happy with. However, here are two that seems to be going in the direction we want.

Rachel may have more to say about this (if she can figure out the headaches of posting on a community - LJ is not all that user-friendly if you aren't used to blogs) but we found that the images work better if instead of making them a rather literal illustration of the text, they are allowed to be tangential to it - Alex says they need to be poetry in their own right, not illustrations to poetry. IF poetry is the right word. Perhaps it isn't exactly.

Anyway, here they are (one here, one on the next post):



3. On a trip to New York your soul will grow larger than your body. Where it has broken through the skin you will see hundreds of color coded wires, fragments of black and violet shells, and the gold earrings your grandmother lost three weeks before her death and accused you of stealing. Bits of your soul will cling to cell phones, or smear themselves on window panes of cooking schools, or get tangled in the hair of women buying frozen yoghurt from street vendors on East Broadway. Other fragments, however, will catch hot air currents from subway vents and spiral up into the sky, until nothing remains of them but tiny streaks of silver in the polluted air.
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On December 19th, 2004 08:47 pm (UTC), baba_studio commented:
To leave my own comment, I think that right now this one works less well than the "Sun and Moon" card above, but that is largely (I think) down to the fact that we haven't yet found the right angels, so have just thrown some in.
I also think that the text on the card works better in the "Sun and Moon" card - it's entire in its own right. But for this "New York" card, the phrases should be different - we maybe chose them a bit carelessly, and Rachel may want to change this I'd guess?

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